Residential Water Drainage Systems – Keeping It Dry

Exterior Rehabbing
One of the most frustrating areas of rehabbing a home involves handling drainage issues. There are only three rules you have to remember – you have to cover for heavy rains, it's gotta look good when finished, and water has to go downhill. First of all, it's hard to know if you have a drainage problem when you first get a house. You'll seldom know if there an outside drainage issue or a basement water problem until you have a heavy storm and/or until the water table rises after a number of rains. Here I'll outline a few ways in which you can diagnose drainage problems and design residential water drainage systems to fix them. How to find drainage problems before you buy the house As mentioned above, it can…
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Cheap new appliances – one of your biggest expenses

Interior Rehabbing
Once you've purchased a fixer-upper home, you'll have to start purchasing products to upgrade the house. One of the biggest expenses will be appliances, and it's never too early to find a great deal on new ones. Here, I'll talk about why you should buy cheap new appliances and how to find them. What appliances should you buy? You'll have to decide what appliances you'll want to include in the sale of the home. You don't have to include any, except for the water heater and heating/cooling system (yes, those are appliances). However, we have found that the more appliances you include in the sale of the home, the better the selling price and quicker the sale. Buyers love when a home comes already outfitted with all appliances and is basically in…
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Find Fixer Upper Homes – Locate Diamonds in the Rough

Buying and Selling
The first and most important part of rehabbing homes is finding a good bargain in real estate. Finding that house that's worth more than it appears can be very difficult, if not impossible, if you don't follow a few simple rules. Here I'm going to show you the steps we use to find fixer upper homes that give us the maximum chance of profitability and value. It all comes down to numbers. You want to buy a home that's under priced due to its condition, then put a reasonable amount of money and labor into it to increase its value. Then, if you plan to sell it immediately, you want to know the market support the sales price you need to make a profit. Step 1: How to find fixer…
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About Me

Hi, I'm Doug Cook. Welcome to the place where you can get all of your answers on how to buy, upgrade, and sell distressed homes. Whether this is a money-making endeavor or a ‘bargain’ home you plan to fix up and live in, I can help you make the right decisions to minimize cost and labor while maximizing value of your rehabilitated home. I will be sharing with you valuable knowledge from the vibrant community of new and experienced rehabbers so you can become a successful rehabber too! A Little Back Story My brother and I have been rehabbing homes for resale, aka ‘flipping’, for over 25 years. We spend about six months on each, turning over usually two a year. Sometimes we lose money (such as during the real estate…
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